OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1200

OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1200 is a 1.1 mm thick flexible membrane made of high strength polyethylene. It is designed for the waterproofing of tunnels and underground halls and meets the requirements for Type 111 by Handbook R510 (Chapter 8.1), Statens Vegvesen, Norway.

OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1200 is a 3 layer product produced using OLDROYD Multi-Layer technology™ . It is gray on one side and white on the side intended to face inwards towards the working area. The white internal surface ensures brighter and safer working conditions during installation. The membrane’s middle layer is black so any damage or breakage shall be visible. It also comes in a white / black / white variant.

OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1200 is suitable for hot air welding of all joints and comes on rolls in widths up to 4.3 m. and lengths up to 90 m.

Membrane Thickness 1,1 mm
Typical Size 4 m x 90 m or customized on request.
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