OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1500

Flexible polyethylene membrane for water protection of tunnel and cavities
OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1500 is a 1.5 mm thick membrane of flexible and strong polyethylene (LLDPE). It is specifically designed for waterproofing tunnel and cavities. It has marked with indication lines to ensure correct overlap. OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1500 is based on OLDROYD® Multi-Layer Technology and consists of three layers. It is white on the front and grey on the back. It has a black signal layer to disclose damages and breakages. OLDROYD® MultiSafe 1500 is suitable for hot air welding of all joints and comes on a roll in widths up to 4,2 m and lengths up to 70 m.

Membrane Thickness 1,5 mm
Typical Size 4,2 m x 60 m or customized on request.
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