OLDROYD® Radontett RMB

OLDROYD® Radontett RMB has been developed to give long term protection in Class B applications. It consists of flexible non-toxic polypropylene (TPO) with excellent welding and very long life properties.

OLDROYD® Radontett RMB is a 0.8 mm thick 2-layer membrane produced using Oldroyd Multi-Layer Technology. The membrane has excellent stretch tensile strength and is puncture resistant. Its flexibility makes it easy to fit round corners, pipes etc.

OLDROYD® Radontett RMB is designed for hot air welding and is supplied either in standard rolls or in ready welded units, made to measure from customers drawings. The membrane has been tested and approved by SINTEF.

Material TPO
Membrane Thickness 1,8
Weight 47kg
Typical Size 2,20x30
Pallet 28
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