OLDROYD® Xv is a diffusion proof moisture barrier made of polypropylene. It is mounted on the outside of the basement wall and is an effective moisture and drainage membrane. The membrane has a patented pattern that makes it easier to work with and has great strength and drainage capacity.


OLDROYD® Xv is made so that the stressed knuckles have even and thick thickness all over the place. The membrane has a life span of more than 50 years and is resistant to chemicals and is UV stabilized. OLDROYD® Xv stays soft and flexible at far lower temperatures than many similar products thanks to the production method. In practice, it means that the product maintains the same quality in both high and low temperatures, making it easy to assemble throughout the year.


COMPLETE ACCESSORIES OLDROYD® XV is easily attached to concrete with bolts or nails. OLDROYD® Finishing profiles for use with 50 or 100 mm insulation, or without insulation are available. See accessory list for complete overview

Material Polypropylen (PP)
Membrane Thickness 0,5 mm
Stud height 7,0 mm
Total thickness 7,7 mm
Weight 0,5 kg/m2
Typical Size 1,28x20 m / 2,08x20 m
Pallet 9 stk / 9 stk
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