OLDROYD® Octa – for foundation drainage.

OLDROYD® Octa is an impermeable studded membrane produced in polypropylene. It is used primarily as a barrier to protect foundations and walls and can be used with external insulation. The surface facing the wall is black the other grey. The grey colour helps to make the membrane less visible when applied to foundation walls. The studs have an octagonal shape and are placed in a diagonal pattern for extra strength.

OLDROYD® Octa is a very flexible drainage membrane which is easy to work with even at low temperatures. The membrane is normally available in three standard widths but can be ordered in widths up to 4.3 metres.

Material PP
Membrane Thickness 0,4 mm
Stud height 5,0 mm
Total thickness 5,5 mm
Weight 0,45 kg/m2
Typical Size 1x20 m / 1,6x20 m / 2x20 m / 2,4x20 m / 3x20 m
Pallet 24 stk / 12 stk / 12 stk / 12 stk / 12 stk
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