OLDROYD® DrainX 10

For draining of large surfaces subject to high loads.

OLDROYD® DrainX 10 is a studded black membrane with high drainage and load bearing characteristics. A geotextile is welded to its studs which prevents blocking of the drainage space. This membrane is made to withstand the high pressure loads associated with deep foundations, foundation walls and culverts for larger buildings. OLDROYD® DrainX 10 is very well suited for the drainage of horizontal and slightly sloping surfaces, for TeraSAR and for parking areas and under paving slabs.

OLDROYD® DrainX 10 is well suited in combination with exterior insulation and has SINTEF Technical Approval including the use of ordinary, on site backfill material.

Typical Size 1x15 m / 2x15 m
Pallet 12 rolls / 6 rolls
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