OLDROYD® DrainX 5 – for horizontal and vertical waterproofing and drainage.

OLDROYD® DrainX 5 is a black, studded membrane with a geotextile welded to its studs. This membrane protects walls and masonry against the ingress of ground water and moisture. The geotextile functions as a barrier preventing earth and sand from filling and thereby blocking the drainage room from which water is led away. The primary function is waterproofing but the filter cloth construction allows incoming water to be drained from both walls and from horizontal surfaces.

OLDROYD® DrainX 5 is well suited for use in combination with external insulation and has SINTEF Technical Approval including the use of ordinary, on site backfill material.

Material PP
Membrane Thickness 0,5 mm
Stud height 5,0 mm
Total thickness 5,5 mm
Weight 0,6 kg/m2
Typical Size 1,6x15 m / 2x15 m / 2,4x15 m
Pallet 12
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