OLDROYD® is a development and production company located in Kragerø municipality. We produce our own patented waterproof and drainage membranes of different types of plastic construction equipment.


We have long-term distribution and marketing agreements of their own products with both national and international actors in the private and public sectors. In some cases we produce to customers for sales in their own name. Through this network we are OLDROYD® able to maintain continuous contact with the market and provide good service and support by recognizing and responding to individual customers' needs.


OLDROYD® has developed its own production and Oldroydsystemet, including several manufacturing techniques are patented. This innovative approach to product development has led to a wide range of new products that are used in many different industry sectors.


OLDROYD® develops and manufactures waterproof and drainage membranes heavy equipment. OLDROYD® AS will be a leader in the development and production of plastic membranes for the construction