Dry tunnels with OLDROYD® Xtf

The humid job in the train tunnel in Finse, Norway is underway. Norwegian railway is testing a new method to avoid damage caused by water dripping on tracks. Our new membrane puts an end to serious damage to the train tracks in Norwegian railway tunnels.

- The project is called "dry tunnels" and aims to reduce the significant damage to the rails in both "new" and older tunnels. The goal is to lead water away from the track and into the ditch, says site manager Jarle Kallestad.

OLDROYD® AS has developed a new and easy tunnel membrane called OLDROYD® Xtf for water protection in rehabilitation of railway tunnels. In competition with several players from home and abroad, OLDROYD® received the framework agreement with Norwegian Rail as the sole supplier of membranes that now are installed in Finse. All production and development takes place at the factory in Kragerø and joins the ranks of products within our focus on infrastructure such as roads, tunnels, portals and culverts.

So far OLDROYD® Xtf tested in parts of railway tunnels, but we see that it has great potential also for the rehabilitation of road tunnels.

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