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TUNNEL Products

For new tunnels OLDROYD® has developed a series of membranes called OLDROYD® Multi Safe. These are very strong membranes with a white internal surface. They have outstanding welding characteristics and incorporate an indicator to warn of any damage to the membrane. These are important factors which ensure quick, secure and safe installation.

For rehabilitation and waterproofing of existing tunnels OLDROYD® Xtf has been developed. This is a waterproof and fireproof drainage membrane which collects and leads away water thereby stopping dripping into the body of the tunnel. The membrane meets Class B flammability requirements.

OLDROYD® works closely with its customers on individual projects in order to adapt membrane widths and lengths to suit the tunnel profile and the lining elements chosen. This service is freely available and saves the customer time in installation and at the same time reduces waste to a minimum.

OLDROYD® Xtf is specified by Norwegian Rail.